Ark Update 256 – Water Breeding & How It Works


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Hey there folks C8sun here with a new ARK: Survival Evolved Update 256 video, How the water breeding works

Madness and creative times ahead come check it out…….Bam

Sit back and enjoy the madness.
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7 thoughts on “Ark Update 256 – Water Breeding & How It Works

  1. quetz tame use a tappy to tame a low lvl and then put a balista on that and chain bola the high levels easy

  2. Baby manta rays… the roar is sad.. and one of the reason I hated flyers in wow was cause of the flap flap sounds so I never had birds as hunters pet.

  3. the baby shark looked sooooooo cool and you could breed a bunch and you would have an army until they grow up and I am excited for the squid

  4. Today we meet up with SparreysWorld and test the underwater animal breeding.

    what water baby do you want to see?

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