30 thoughts on “Asynchronous Induction Motor. How does it work.avi

  1. All the praise and technical scientific talk about this motor  not once did the narrator give credit to the person who invented it …. Tesla.  

  2. You know what I find VERY HILARIOUS? The fact the you guys and all other oil Barons are using AC motors to pump oil out of the ground. ROFLOLOLO. Also, last time I checked, over 95% of industrial manufacturing equipment is powered by AC motors. So, were are those little Briggs and Stratton engines, hmm? Also Briggs has a mkt cap of $962.84 MILLION where as an electric motor manufacturer such as Regal Beloit has a mkt cap of $3.06 BILLION. Seems to me that combustion engines are the small fries.

  3. Get out a 400 Hertz electric saw, then you will not be laughing. The power-to-weight ratio of 400 Hertz motors is insane to say the least and they make 400 Hertz power tools for specialized industries that involve stone cutting. Unfortunately, we, the mainstream consumer are left with weak ass brushed universal motor tools that limited to 120 volts and 20 amps breakers. Can't really lug around a 60 Hertz AC induction motor with high power as it would be very heavy!

  4. Don't get arrogant, little Arab. We know technologies that don't use oil. Jack up the price on us and we'll put them into production and send you back to tending camels. You're sitting on that oil by the grace of Allah.

  5. I thought it was kinda cute when they said "to understand it, let's take it apart" and then started tearing into it with an electric circular saw.

    Then I fell to the floor laughing when he dropped the little electric circular saw and got out the giant gas-operated one.

  6. You do realize tesla did not invent all electric motors (he only had the 3 phase AC motor attributed to him) and also he technically did not invent that motor, Galileo Ferraris beat him to that design by at least three months. Got any other cult of tesla myths that need debunking?

  7. David yes your correct. Government will try not to let this get to big. Beecause now that's 'hurting gas (big oil) and other companies. Since no parts actually touch that cuts down on wear tear. So less maintenance

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