Lecrae Discusses His Album, "All Things Work Together"

Lecrae Discusses His Album, “All Things Work Together”

#howthingsaremanufactured Grammy-winning artist Lecrae is never afraid to move the needle. Few would argue that the artist’s much anticipated Columbia Records debut album, “All Things Work Together,” comes at a pivotal moment for the artist, as hip hop’s torrent now moves to him. On the upcoming album, Lecrae hints he’s still mindful of the outsider…

How to Achieve Great Things by Burning Your Boats and Cutting-Off Your Retreat Routes

#howthingsareproduced Famous quotes and sayings are great and invaluable nuggets that provide inspiration in the face of difficulties and uncertainties. Often, a dissipated and worried mind finds focus and motivation just by reading one appropriate quote, or a saying by another person who has experienced the same situation and overcame. Many noble achievements have been…

Getting S*** Done

Getting S*** Done

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