(Chernobyl) Probably the best DUGA RADAR “how it works” video on youtube! (must see the end!)


Explained in my usual “EASY TO UNDERSTAND” methods!
Included is a PORCUPINE, MISSILES and the mrmattandmrchay weird HUMOUR!!
It took over one month to put this video together, *two weeks just to research and understand it! (*of my spare time).

So… I bring you this “How the Duga Radar” in Ukraine works.
Hope you enjoy watching it.


Theme music is copyright.
I have contacted all involved and been kindly granted permission to use it.
Composer: Félix Sabal-Lecco
Singer: Bettina Seddoh
From documentary: “Chernobyl – A Natural History”

A special thank you to Bettina


26 thoughts on “(Chernobyl) Probably the best DUGA RADAR “how it works” video on youtube! (must see the end!)

  1. Growing up in the 60s near the east coast USA, shortwave radio bands were almost with no signals during the daytime. Sun almost completely inhibited all radio skip. Normal shortwave transmitters are limited to use fractions of a Megahertz. BUT – there was the loud woodpecker transmitter every day, which broadly generated that same sound fairly evenly across at least 10 MHz. Soviets also used a transmitter in Siberia like this for mind control of their people.

  2. How do they get all those irons up into the atmosphere?
    And why are they there? No one can iron their clothes with an iron that is in the sky.

  3. It must of had some clever algorithms to detect a spike for a missile.. that sound is 10hz. So impossible for an eye to watch.. would love to of known it’s whole system but, we will never know

  4. I heard the "woodpecker" often in my CB time. There was even a "woodpecker" killer pcb. I don't remember what it did, maybe only muting the audio during a pulse.

  5. This is why I watch these informative vids. It just tells you what you want to know instead of confusing things that other people say just to show off. Short and sweet. Except for that lift controler video which wasn't really…short but you get the idea

  6. Wow that was first class explanation! Once again many thanks to you and son on a very good video and first class presentation.

  7. Nice explanation! Look into the history of Cobra Mist as well, an equally technically ambitious (though smaller-scale) Cold War OTHR project built in Suffolk.

  8. Brilliantly explained with great graphics. I was into Ham radio for a while a long time ago, so knew about multi-hop DX-ing – but not long enough ago to have heard the Russian Woodpecker!

  9. Wow !
    Thanks god, at least the "Tour Eiffel" is higher the this radar ! France makes the best things ever!

  10. That's a massive structure! The maintaince crew was probably not afraid of heights.

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