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ElectraStim Flick from Cyrex Ltd is a revolutionary modern electro stimulation controller with a wide range of functions and attachment electrodes.

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Available as a multi pack in single channel “flick” or dual channel “flick duo”, use with cock rings for intense cock e-stim, place adjustable electro cock rings around the penis shaft , one at the base and one nearer the tip below the glans, add a lick of conductive gel, there’s 24 intensity levels for you to work your way through, if you can handle the higher powered settings, there’s 7 built-in stimulation patterns, including escalating modes and not forgetting the revolutionary “flick” mode, this is activated as you move the motion sensitive controller, if you opt for the “flick duo” then the independent dual output control allows you to control the intensity, function and flick feature of each of the attached electrodes separately or together.

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