Getting S#!% Done! (Day 406–3-7-12)


Day 406


Hey, I’m Katie. I’m an undergrad college student, trying out the “vlog” thing. I was inspired by Charles Trippy (/ctfxc) and ShayCarl (/shaytards). Hope I can compare!

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2 thoughts on “Getting S#!% Done! (Day 406–3-7-12)

  1. I see you inadvertantly caught your roommate on Video for a min there.
    That's cool how you were able to make $2 from selling your chocolates, I'd buy a couple off ya if I live were you live, they look yummy.

  2. thank you so much that means a lot to have support…its really tough to get vlogs edited and uploaded on top of a full schedule at school and working all weekends

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