How Do You Get Wealthy?


Something most of us know all to well is how to go to work and trade time for money. We have been taught this by our parents, who were taught by their parents and so on. It is passed down generation after generation; work hard at a job and you will be ok. Bullshit, I say! Sorry for being so blunt, but someone needs to give you a kick in the ass and wake you up and pull the blindfold off. Does not just be OK really suck? Do not you want more? Scary thing is we do not know where to start since we were never taught anything about what it takes to get wealthy. One thing I know for sure, no one ever gets wealthy, I mean truly wealthy, working for someone else. The only thing you're doing there is making someone else wealthy, how's that for reality? So what's the answer then, how do you create wealth? Good question. Let me tell you, there are three ways to create wealth and only three ways. Before we get on to that, lets take a look at one other thing closely first: Time. We all have 24 hours in a day, no matter how I try I can not possibly have more time in a day than 24 hours, no one can. So why is it that some people earn $ 10.00 per hour and others are making $ 10,000.00 per hour?

What does person 1 not know that person 2 does? The secret is LEVERAGE! See if you are working for someone else and you work 8 hours per day at $ 10.00 per hour the absolute most you could make a day is $ 80.00. Now lets get real crazy and say you did not sleep or eat or take breaks and you worked straight for 24 hours at $ 10.00 per hour, the most you could make a day would be $ 240.00. See going on like that would kill someone, it would be impossible to ever get ahead trading all of your time for money, and it just does not work. One thing that you quickly realize is that you are either always running out of time or energy. There is a ceiling over you and you can not ever get past that if you are stuck doing all by yourself. You can not do it all by yourself, that is the one thing that the wealthy know and the poor and middle class do not. If you look at this scenario from the employers stand point we will notice some leverage happening. Lets say you own a business and you employ me. You work for 8 hours on Monday and I work for those same 8 hours, you get paid on 16 hours worth of work, you have LEVERAGE, so you get more done. The more leverage you have the more wealth you will create, because you are leveraging off of other peoples efforts. If you ever want to create wealth there must not be a ceiling, you can not be limited by time.

Let's get back to the three ways to create wealth. The three ways to create wealth are having money at work, having people at work or having machines at work, ie. computer; that is it. There are no other ways. For the sake of this article we are going to say we only have two ways to create wealth, People at work and money at work. We will just focus on those two methods; the computer at work is a whole other topic. When we examine having money at work we are talking about investments, stock, bonds, saving, etc. Say you had $ 5,000,000 in savings account or investments, well that would give you about $ 40,000 per month in passive residual income from the interest. That is some nice income with minimal effort. So how does someone get to the point of having money at work? Well they must start by having people at work right? It is not to often that someone just has $ 5,000,000 sitting around in a savings account or investments. So to accumulate that kind of money you must employ others so that you get more done. From there you will begin to increase the amount of money you have saved which is needed to start having money working for you.

There are a few problems though when you have people at work, those are they do not have ownership so they do not have the same amount to gain as you do. Are they going to work as hard as you do? Not likely, and why would they? In order to get true leverage you must create a situation where everyone has the exact same amount to gain, one example of this type of leverage is the broker / agent scenario. If you were a broker and I was your agent we would both have something to gain from this relationship. You want me to have success because you make a profit if I make a sale, and should not you. You put up the risk, its your office, you trained me, etc, etc. I work hard to get the sale because I get rewarded for my hard work as well; it's a win / win situation. That is a form of true leverage but only for the broker, great to be the broker. If we ever want to create true leverage there must be a situation that every single person has the exact same amount to gain by the result.
To wrap up, in order to create wealth you must either have people at work or money at work so that you can get more done, if you are giving 100% of your own efforts you are always going to find that you are running out of time or energy. Leverage is Key. Lets create some wealth!

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Together we can create change, it is time for a change in our economy, there is an unlimited amount of money in this world, let help others to attain wealth, the more people we help the more wealth we can create naturally for us.

One of the largest secrets to wealth is gratitude

Have a BILLIONAIRE Day !!!

By Matthew Britt