39 thoughts on “How It’s Made Hammers

  1. looks too complicated and expensive. waste of money. hammers are to smash things to place. just melt some metal shit and mold it into a fucking capital T.

  2. I Should be sleepling … while trying to heal my Wounds and Clenseing my body of the sickness i have to endure … instead i watch how Hammers are made.

  3. This was a wood worker hammer they're probably hundreds of different hammers I only know a few one for caldron workers, glass windows workers, shoe makers at 14 I worked construction but at 18 knowing English I started to work in an office and looking at hammers made me uneasy construction was starting work at 5 AM, cold coffee at 9 with no more than a 10 minute break, the office was a bit different I started between 9 and 10 AM after checking your load for the day I was en route to the coffee machine ready to BS the 72 virgin secretaries, also the employees working for American companies were a notch higher than the other employee some kind of social racism it was well known that working for Americans brought a better pay check so the conversation would be like who did you say you was working for again, sorry I never heard of them, I thought it was a grocery store chain, do they pay you regularly or in cash ? I only did that to people I knew and they would insult me and I enjoyed it.

  4. We are extremely fortunate to be alive at this time. Just imagine how difficult it used to be before modern technology, to extract metals out of rock, then forge each piece into a tool or weapon.

    Now we mass produce them with high quality and at a low cost. See vids of blacksmiths forging axes and swords and see how much time and effort they put into it-even with modern equipment. Of course Capitalism is the other side of the equation, without the profit incentive, very little would ever get created.

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