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  1. i used to work in the automotive industry Ron, and I can tell you if people new just how much it actually costs to manufacture a car, and bikes would be the same, they would be spewing. A lot goes in recouping development costs, but also taxes and fees.

  2. This is one of the best HIM videos I've seen. It explained the assembly so anyone could understand how it's done. The "music" others don't like is not music. It's just background sound. They could have no sound which might be OK. But at least they don't use banging heavy metal noise or some electronic sound nightmares.

  3. So much harley hate when I've seen maybe two Japanese bikes that the owners have actually built from scratch and tuned as they please. The majority just leave them stock and looking all the same.

  4. i can see several issues here;
    no protection on the studs to prevent piston/ring from contacting the studs
    no torque wrench use
    NOT A DROP OF ASSEMBLY LUBE (worst one of all)
    and several more…….SMH

  5. What is up with these comments? This is some corny made for TV video, it isn't a lecture on engineering or a historical documentary. And seriously, all bikes are beautiful! I personally love modern and classic superbikes and enduro, but I totally appreciate the HD love too, just not for me. Knowledge is meant to be built on, spread around the world, improved on and experimented with, who cares who was first or what the other guy likes? Just worry about what makes YOU happy, most people that are lucky enough to own a motorcycle fall in love with it no matter how many times it breaks down or how the engine is designed. The relationship between man (or woman) and motorcycle surpasses all these stupid arguments over what is practical, more precise, more efficient… unless you're racing bikes for a living just ride what you love and ignore all the haters.

  6. I wonder how much it costs Harley Davidson to produce one of these engines. I bet if people actually knew how much they were getting ripped off they wouldn't be tripping over their wallets to support them.

  7. at 4:45 into the video, you can just make out the workers face, you can see that he's asian. These harley engines are made in china. Its too bad we hardly build anything in this country anymore

  8. I think the reason Americans blindly support "American" manufacturers like Harley (I'll leave the discussion of whether the bikes are even American for later) and they bash anything that's not American, is because we are brought up since little kids being told how great and above the USA is. When in reality people are just unwilling to accept that many other countries do many other things way better than us. Fuck that attitude because nothing beats the precision of Japanese companies which equals reliable vehicles.

  9. This "outdated, poorly designed" engine has been burning up the roads for more than a hundred years. Guess it can't be too bad. And if it really IS so horrible, why do soooo many companies build bikes that look like it? HMMM? Why? Yeah, because it is NOT a bad design. You guys who talk that shit are only making yourselves look stupid.

    My 2000 Harley has only been to the dealer for its first two checkups and for tires. That's it! Nothing else broke or quit working. Nothing. I have replaced brake pads but that's just maintenance.

    And do NOT fault a Harley for breaking down if the owner has replaced factory parts with AFTERMARKET PARTS. Those are like asking for trouble. The only aftermarket parts I trust are from S&S cycle. And they are made right in WI up by Viola. I know because I have toured the plant.

    My Harley is now 15 years old and has never broke down. The engine has never been apart. I only need to do minor maintenance. It has run through frigid cold with snow in the ditches on both sides of the road. (Thank God I had my heated vest and socks). Across burning deserts where the air felt like I was sitting in front of a furnace. I rode in rain so hard it blew water in the vent of my goggles, semis were hydroplaning on the interstate. That engine never skipped a beat. It always starts on the first try.

    All that in fifteen years and 75,000 miles. It can't be a bad design if it is that reliable!

  10. Not much information here, honestly I like bikes that have the transmission separate from the engine and I was hoping to get a decent idea on how to modify the design of the engine on a classic motorcycle of mine as a project to make an updated version that has none of the problems that it's square four cylinder design is known to have from time to time. Only thing I got from this video is "put the dynamo on the crankshaft instead of having it on the timing chain. Also if you are confused to the bike I have then you were not paying attention when I named the model, are Harley fans, or don't know much about legendary classic bikes. Those of you who caught the name unless you have one are saying to yourself "I want one" because It's the unicorn of Motorcycles.

  11. I cant believe how many dumb ass mthr fkrs there are on here talking shit, your brains are too small to imagine it, keep riding your slope jap chinese shit all the way to the morgue where most of you will end up on your plastic playschool fisher price wanna be donor bikes.

  12. They aren't made in china you fucking dolt, they are made at the pilgrim rd. plant in Menominee falls Wisconsin, i worked there for 12 years moron, get your shit together before you start talking shit dummy

  13. If Harley's said Made in China on them and cost $500 each nobody would buy them and people would see them as the outdated pieces of crap that they really are.

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