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Pebbles presents,”What do Little ones Ask? How Products perform”, a 3D animation online video on the performing program of numerous of the objects we use and come throughout in our everyday life. The videois offered in a energetic way and it normally takes a person on a intriguing journey into the environment of numerous objects and throws gentle on their performing mechanism. It allows to find out how the objects, cars or machines, perform. The contents are offered in a move chart method with cross portion of each individual objects for uncomplicated knowing. The use of these machines and their software are also highlighted to make discovering pleasurable for the folks of all ages. It also allows the college students and elders alike to understand the scientific concepts, fundamentals and houses of each individual of these Products.

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An pleasurable manual to learn the performing of numerous machines..!

* Elevators
* Battery
* Light-weight Stick or Glow Stick
* Escalator
* Telephone
* Wind Turbine
* Fire Extinguishers
* Hearing Aids
* Stethoscope
* Satellite Television set
* Compact Disc
* H2o Heater
* Air Conditioner
* Telescope
* Light-weight
* Refrigerator
* Washing Device
* Microwave
* Mobile Phones
* Flush Rest room
* Helicopters
* Lock
* Optical Fiber
* Espresso Maker
* Net
* Metal Detectors
* PianoQuartz
* Clock
* RadarGPS
* Photo voltaic Cells
* Tv
* Thermometer
* Typewriter
* Warm Air Balloons
* X-Ray

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