HowStuffWorks Demonstrate: Episode two: Turkey Incubator

In this clip from the “HowStuffWorks” clearly show on Discovery Channel, we find out about the turkey incubator. Eggs devote about twenty five times in the device, rotated every single 50 % hour until finally they are prepared for hatching.

2 thoughts on “HowStuffWorks Demonstrate: Episode two: Turkey Incubator

  1. @LukerAspect Well, you are waay off your wagon. And too add. The females are called hens, the males are called toms, and the chicks are poults.

  2. Yes, the female chicks goto farms for meat or eggs production and the male chicks get ground up while still alive for usage as cheap protein rich animal feed. You know that bag of dog food you see at the grocery store? Prob contains chick meat. =)

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