~Intoxicated Pokemon Shippings MEP~ (CLOSED!!!) 9/17 PART(s) DONE!!!


HEY EVERYONE!!! JadaEevee-Chan231 here!!! And today, I have decided to host a new MEP (Since all of my other one’s are becoming closer to being, somewhat, finished…) :3

Welp… I hope you all join this MEP!!!~ 😀

For those who would like to use lyrics in their part(s), here is the lyrics video to this!!!~ 😀
Link; https://youtu.be/MeV6zUsdl9Y

Also, some of you guys may have questions about this MEP, like; “What is PokeShipping?”

PokeShipping is where you ship two characters from the Anime.
Pokémon!!!~ 😀 (Like for example; Ash x Serena…) :3

OH!!! And another thing, before I go through the rules and such… x3
I have some MEP(s) open or re-opened… For those who would like to participate in them, here are the links to them… ^-^

~The Forgotten, Pokémon MEP; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20sYwdELfS0&index=4&list=PL42w_mE7GUKsGq_a4x9taVmaynyOTC4bP
~Team Pokémon Couples MEP; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUU2bJn5dC0&index=5&list=PL42w_mE7GUKsGq_a4x9taVmaynyOTC4bP
~Can you Handle it? Anime MEP; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQa1gOFX-rU&index=6&list=PL42w_mE7GUKsGq_a4x9taVmaynyOTC4bP
~Unstoppable Multifandom MEP; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jr_FxafqFvQ&index=8&list=PL42w_mE7GUKsGq_a4x9taVmaynyOTC4bP

Okay, so now that you know what MEP(s) are open, and what “PokeShipping” is… Let’s head straight to the rules, shall we?!? ^0^

~Only Pokémon Shippings!!!
~Pokémon Shippings CANNOT be repeated, after two different people chooses the same Pokémon Shippings… :/
~The maximum part(s) that you can choose can be around 1-2 Part(s)… :3
~The Due Date for your Part(s) will be on August the 1st… NO EXTENSIONS ALLOWED!!! You have been warned… :p
~Any style of editing is allowed!!! (Like Raw, FX, Candy, or any other kind of editing style, that I don’t know about…) x3
~Please meet the deadline… :/
~Whoever gets the outro, please make sure to put down “Thanks for Watching” on your MEP Part… :3
~I WILL CUT YOUR AUDIO(s)!!! Unless if you feel like you can cut it, then go ahead, but make sure to try to get the audio right… ^^”
~Password for this MEP is; “Love Drunk”… (Don’t judge me!!!) ;-;
~Have any questions for me? Then please ask me in the comment area… ^^
~Have fun with your part(s)!!!~ 😀

Now, for the form that you MUST copy and paste to the comment area… (Unless if your phone cannot copy and paste… But still, please follow everything that is listed in the form…) ^^”

~Username (YouTube Name);
~Pokémon Shipping;
~What kind of editing style will you use? (Optional to fill out);
~Do you have ANY questions for me, about this MEP?;

NOW!!! For the part(s) that you can choose out of… 😀

[MEP Part(s)]
Intro; ~Mine~ Marissonshipping; Alain x Mairin
Part 1; pokea eevee studio Mix of Pokémon Shippings; Iris x Dawn x Eyllia x Skylar
Part 2; Love to Edit Pokeshipping; Ash x Misty
Part 3; Love to Edit Pokeshipping; Ash x Misty
Part 4; CuddlesBubblesLuxio CheckmateShipping; Hilda X Cheren (DONE!!!)
Part 5; Lita3O2 HoennChampionShipping; Steven x May (DONE!!!)
Part 6; Libster xoxo Imaginationshipping; Ash x Bianca (DONE!!!)
Part 7; Libster xoxo Imaginationshipping; Ash x Bianca (DONE!!!)
Part 8; SereneGrace Megabondshipping; Ash x Alain (DONE!!!)
Part 9; SereneGrace SoulSilverShipping; Silver x Lyra (DONE!!!)
Part 10; pokea eevee studio Dawn x Iris
Part 11; Lps eve SequelShipping; Hugh x Rosa (DONE!!!)
Part 12; MaddieEdits PokeShipping; Ash x Misty
Part 13; Serena Yvonne Productions Amourshipping; Ash x Serena (DONE!!!)
Part 14; Serena Yvonne Productions Ikarishipping; Dawn x Paul
Part 15; 101Piplup AureliaShipping; Ash x Lillie (DONE!!!)
Outro (Open to Anyone); OrangeShipping; Misty x Tracey

And that’s about it!!!~ 😀
Have any questions for me? Again, ask me in the comment area… ^-^

So… Until next time… JadaEevee-Chan231 is signing off… BYE!!! ~JadaEevee-Chan231

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10 thoughts on “~Intoxicated Pokemon Shippings MEP~ (CLOSED!!!) 9/17 PART(s) DONE!!!

  1. Hello everyone, I have decided to change the due date, due to some people quitting/not being done on time… :)
    So the new due date is on this day; September the 28th… NO LATER, PLEASE!!! O_O

  2. Password: Love drunk
    Username: Love to Edit
    Part: 2 and 3
    Pokemon: Ash and Misty On both parts
    What kind of editing style you'll do: FX and Raw
    Do you have any questions: Nope
    Can you cut the audio for me, please?

  3. [FORM]
    ~Username (YouTube Name);  Lps eve
    ~Name; Evelīna
    ~Program; viva video,powerdirector and filmora
    ~Pokémon Shipping; Rosa and hugh (i dont know the name….sorry)
    ~What kind of editing style will you use? (Optional to fill out); fx
    ~Password; Love Drunk
    ~Do you have ANY questions for me, about this MEP?; when does part 11 start  and end?

  4. Username:Serena Yvonne Productions
    Pokeshipping: Amour and Ikari >_<
    Program:Sony Vegas 11.0
    Editing style: idk yet >_<
    Password:I LOVE DRUNK
    Part(s): 13 and 14 if it's ok >_~

  5. username: SereneGrace
    name: Tori
    program: svp13
    shipping: megabond for part 8 and soulsilver for 9
    pass: lovedrunk

    (sorry if form is wrong, but I'm on my phone c:)

  6. ~Username: CuddlesBubblesLuxio
    ~Program: Sony Vegas 9.0
    ~Pokémon Shipping: Hilda X Cheren (I don't know the name of the shipping xD)
    ~Part: 4, please c:~
    ~Password: Love drunk

  7. this looks fun, may i join? ^^ I'd like part 5
    ~Program; Sony Vegas Pro 12
    ~Pokémon Shipping; Steven(Diago) x May(Haruka)
    ~What kind of editing style will you use? (Optional to fill out); I have an idea of doing some masking to make it look like they're out at a club/bar 😉
    ~Password; love drunk 😛

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