MCL – “Show ‘Em How it’s Done” Cypher – (Music Video)


Edited, Filmed and Produced by Christopher Productions ®
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How you gon Show em how it’s done, When this shit already did
By me, i’m the one, even neo knows it
Clown around all you want, I will still be it
I’m Lyrically loaded and passionate equipped
But what if, these bitch wanna step a little bit
I just tell em plain and simple and as blunt as I can get
“When you get the gift of life, don’t be the one to ruin it!”
and if I ain’t in your site, then y’all better zoom it in
truth is, the booth is, where I odd’a live
rappers rap a relay, but still replace talking fish
thats how I like it, how i ride, and how it is
I take intelligence and set it higher than just that kid
And since, I’m almost done, here’s a finisher
Underground now, in the future i’ll be lifted up
Surrounded by sound, I’m living proof to some of yah
Underground superhero, I am the punish’a
I am the, I am the, I am the Punish’a x4

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  1. You went all in on this one and earned a subscriber from a real Hip Hop head from the 90's

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