Neurons: How they perform

Video on neurons and how they perform
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34 thoughts on “Neurons: How they perform

  1. Shit it's this video that I was meant to be commenting on!!!! There's a video just like this but only show a short part of it!!! Why?!!! Anyways I love THIS!!!! video. I find neurons fascinating!!!!! 

  2. Is it safe to say that neurons are using wireless means of communication to establish connection with each other? (Serious question, no pun intended)

  3. @TheKrazySystem Ah! I see what you did there. You took the opportunity to call someone a natural-born numbskull via the internet! Very good on you, anonymous human.

  4. Thousands of neurones. You mean billions. There is that many neurones which scientist have no clue of their purpose in our brains yet that it would take 3000 years to count them all and is also compared to more than all the galaxys in the known universe (if you watch Foxtel Cable hehe).


  5. Pfff my neurons are assholes. They don't work together to make me smart, they work together to make me an idiot. Hence the reason I had to come here to review for my psych test tomorrow…

  6. The brain is really better then a computer. we dnt have to type things in our brains to get ideas .. its a very inspiring video and if i compare my knowledge to be4, i clearly underestimated the brain. 

  7. UHH excuse me? I'm not trying to attain anyone's approval. I'm merely expressing my excitement and opinion on the video. You're being an arrogant ass by assuming shit with out a proper basis. Remember when you "ass(u)me" you make an ass out of you and me. I'm glad you think it's fascinating, amazing, and awesome and extremely informative as do I. labeling it "badass" is how I articulate that feeling. And perhaps you will find this usage respecting it's proper meaning, you're just hating on me.:)

  8. This is SO BADASS! Can you believe it! Thousands of neurons are THUNDERING at once for split seconds and forming new connections and revisiting old ones! No wonder we are the smartest species yet known to exist. Btw don't hate on the music! Music is fitting and so is the narrators awesome word choice.. "neural forest" "crowning glory" omg lol so excited

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