solving quadratics

here is a math movie tutorial about quadratic equations. it was done as an impress presentation working with some no cost movie-display screen-seize program. also, utilized the headset – for all those who like it -) for all those who come across it also noisy, sorry :-/ it was what was least complicated.

thanks all people for all of your help, sorry I do not have time to respond to each individual remark… but I do respect them! you men can really cheer me up when factors are not good!

30 thoughts on “solving quadratics

  1. I actually watched this several monthes ago for relaxation and our instructor told us this week she said that we were going to solve quadratic equations and i was like YES I GET TO USE BILL TO HELP ME XD

  2. Hey Bill, great video and a quick question. Couldn't you move the five over to the other side of the equation and divide by 3? I'm not sure if this is the same idea or not. Thanks!

  3. He had to get 3x on its own so you add 5 to the -5 making it 0, but you also have to add 5 to the other side of the equals sign if you're going to do that. Then 3x divided by 3 leaves x, and 12 divided by 3 leaves 4……. x =4

  4. I've several things in the queue, so another math video is a ways off, sorry. I will say this, logarithms ARE EXPONENTS! i.e. when multiplying you add exponents… the rules are the same, everybody just switched seats… let me know if that helps… (probably not) :-) sorry

  5. Thanks for the free math lessons! Im having a hard time with math and you help me out alot. I find it intresting to do but i dont do practice.

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