The Gun Spinner / How it Is effective

This is how the rifle spins in the intro of The Not known Cat films along with some bloopers for you to get pleasure from! Thanks for seeing -you know I recognize ya!

The channel’s first gun online video:

30 thoughts on “The Gun Spinner / How it Is effective

  1. Still again, Huge Congrants on 21 000 subs :) I still remember when you had 200 :) Ill do my best to share your videos and let people know about your channel. When i start to make my own content, i will also give you a shot out ^^ Ya guys are huge inspiration for me :)

  2. I really enjoyed the semi-auto build videos. I would like to see some stuff like that but on a larger scale if at all possible. Watching you do these videos sparks some of my own ideas in creating firearms. Keep up the good work dude!

  3. Always glad to comment on a channel that treats the subscribers like people instead of numbers.
    Assuming you meant out of the build videos, my favorite was the semi auto pistol w. the SA grip frame and the drum magazine. It turned out the drum mag was a failure, but that's the price we pay for designing new things. They seldom work properly the first try. Not even with Govt size budgets behind them. The Garand and AR15 were no different. Even the 1911 started out as the 1902, and didn't become the 1911A1 until in the 1920s.
    But my true favorites are the ones on the BATFs ridiculous and completely arbitrary (and ever changing) 'decisions' with the force of law behind them. You do your best to figure them out, but make it clear just how impossible that task is. Hopefully, we will someday return to the rule of law(a Republic) instead of whims, but for now it's Democracy(or mob rule, according to many of the founders) all the way…

  4. you have so much stuff too watch on here there is no way I can pick just one its like picking your favorite one sniff sniff your vids are all great and a guy can learn a thing or two we like that thanks I thought you would never get around to putting the gun spinner up I'm still waiting for the egg beater Gatling gun hope we can have some fun with that one day still?? happy TG &Christmas&new years all that thanks

  5. The bolt action shotgun videos are my favorite. Now my sons are build a break over based off crypticCRICKET. WE WILL BE HEAR WHEN YOU GET BACK. Enjoy your holidays.

  6. I think your a top bloke. I like all your stuff. The favourite for me was your 12g that idea was cool. I respect your work on these vids. Don't give up brother. I look for new stuff from you at least once a week. I tell my friends and show 'em too.
    Your a legend mate, keep it cranking.!
    Thanks for your insight on a range of ideas.
    Stay safe bro.

  7. Favorite video. Hum. That is a hard one. I prefer the firearm build videos, but which one…maybe the semi-auto .22 one. It was a bit more involved on possible systems and mechanisms then most, and even had a bit of artistic flare to the final design. The newest trigger design was nice too for no other reason that it gave me some good ideas for some projects I have had in the works. Hard to tie it down to one video.

  8. this is a really good video.. glad for a blooper real finally.. Google does suck.. oh well gotta move on.. I'll watch and share the heck out of your videos

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