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  1. Sometimes they use an auto-transformer, with the primary being many turns, and the secondary being a tap very close (few turns) to one end. I wonder how often auto-transformers are used for home and businesses.

  2. The 25 printed on the transformer is the power rating it's a 25KVA
    single phase shell type. It is layer wound using enameled copper wire
    for the primary (many turns could be 7.2kV?8kV 14.4kV 20kV) no
    distribution system uses 25kV except electric trains. This is an error
    in this video. It uses aluminium coil for the 120V secondaries. The
    primary is sandwiched between the secondaries to keep the impedance
    coupling as even as possible. The oil used is dried mineral oil. The
    core is made of thin laminated pre-formed layers of Cold Rolled Grain
    Oriented Steel, it is very efficient core running at about
    1.5~1.6Tesla, this meas more power out and more volt per turn. The
    insulation used is diamond dot epoxy paper, it separates each winding
    layer, the windings are wound first, then the windings are cooked in an
    oven to melt the diamond dot epoxy paper, it bonds the winding's
    together. The bond is very strong and this is important so the transformer can withstand high fault current events, without physical damage.
    The the core is build around the winding assembly ( or
    bobbin). Then the core is strapped together. The paper absorbs the oil,
    it used as a cooling system and an insulator.


  4. So you basically have only one phase in america that is split on your two wires + neutral so the voltage can be "stacked" to get 240v ? In Germany 99% of buildings have proper 3 phase 230/380V service. (230V phase to neutral and 380V phase to phase)

  5. I have a transformer like this at the tip of my backyard and in 20 years I haven't been able to hear it buzzing. Of course it's at least 5 m above the ground.

  6. This is a TV show, for normal people who wouldn't otherwise think about this kind of thing.

    What else about the concept of induction would you have them explain to those who are just learning what a transformer is, in 5 minutes?

  7. If you do a technical video get your terms correct and how they relate to the information you are presenting. The video was fine. That doesn't change the inaccuracies contained therein. And I didn't say I had a clue, but I will give you one. Don't use so many comma's in one sentence!

  8. Screw you. Me, as one, working with HF Transformers, which is much more complicated, can say, this Video is very, very, very gooooood! You have no clue. WHAT was inaccurate?

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