What’s Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visible bookmarking resource that allows you find and preserve innovative tips. Enjoy this two-minute online video to see how it performs. http://about.pinterest.com/

38 thoughts on “What’s Pinterest?

  1. Fuck these cunts I'm tryna find a specific bag and I thought I'd finally found it but it was just some stupid bitch who pinned it from 2 years ago. FUCK YOU PINTREST

  2. Its a bloody Smacorp founded by / you guessed it a Jew. who abuses the web to get rich quick. lieberman hides behind the web with no way to contact them or unsubscrib e(that works) They just spam the crap out of anyone who signs in to their stupid site.

  3. What is Pinterest?they are a fraud and a sham.Pinterest is abusing their own copyright policy,by sending certain users false copyright notices.With the evidence in hand and the false and dead links, phone numbers on their copyright page,something tells me that Pinterest is spyware.They save your copied links, too, which is very questionable in regards to privacy.There isn't anywhere to turn this snooping feature off in the settings menu..Speaking of settings menu, it's questionable, too.You're suppose to be able to save any changes made, like not wanting your profile to show up in search engines.Well, every time I turn this feature off, and close app.A few minutes I go back to app, the setting is changed?This app gets stranger and stranger the more I investigate.

  4. We used to be able to actually just look at stuff on Pinterest without having to log in. What's the reason that has changed? Now it is like a private club. Can any one tell me why? Surely it's just a website, isn't it? I find it very annoying that you get prompted to sign in all over the place on websites.

  5. These BASTARDS started spamming my email accounts without my permission. Once I tried to UNSCRIBE, I got a message telling me I could NOT unsubscribe unless I edited my account. I NEVER ASKED FOR OR WANTED ANYTHING FROM THESE JERK-OFFS..

  6. Pinterest is so fun to use. I repin quotes, corgis, health tips, travel spots, aesthetically pleasing pictures, educational resources, infographics, and so much more. I used to repin a lot of recipes, DIYs, and outfits but I realized I would never do any of that stuff. I love Pinterest so much; keep up the good work guys!

  7. All this does is tell me that I can pin things. Umm… so?? Tell us how to do things, like see other peoples pins or share a pinned picture to another user.

  8. Уже 2 недели не могу зайти на сайт, не открывается! Что делать, не знаю! Служба поддержки тоже не открывается! Подскажите, что делать!

  9. just another company trying to steal your ID and make it seem all nice and fluffy to suck you in at the same time. The Internet is black you understand it's not a good place. Try to learn to have a real friend or try to keep your chat and share interests between people you know only through an instant messenger possibly. And trust me those programs are nothing but Trojans but better than this place

  10. I think I kind of get it – its a bookmark gadget – saving bookmarks "in the cloud".
    But, I already bookmark with my browser, so I don't see a need for this – but it is pretty.
    Maybe I can use pinterest for subjects I'm researching – but apparently I have to join . .  hmmm.
    Should I sign up and use it as another research tool?  Or, is it too gimmicky (biz and self-promotion, etc) to fuss with?

  11. Oh how I love Pinterest, but I have a dilemma. Me and my boyfriend are both artist, and we decided to start a blog together called twoeasels, now we are trying to get some art sales from it and our shop on etsy. But about pinterest I don't know how to set up our boards. Do I do a seperate board for each of us and for the blog or just the blog. Because I would like to have my own board and him his own to show what we do individually but i don't want to have duplicate pins on each board. ugh i can't decide.

  12. Pinterest SUCKS ASS… When viewing it from the web via an iPhone 6 it constantly redirects you to their app WHEN YOU DON'T WANT THAT!!!

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