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Would yogurt make a good video? Anney and Lauren investigate, from prehistory to bizarre sanitarium treatments to modern marketing campaigns, and go inside a yogurt manufacturing plant to see how it’s made.

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A new-ish audio podcast and video series from HowStuffWorks about, y’know, food and stuff. Join hosts Anney Reese and Lauren Vogelbaum as they explore the science, history, and culture behind everything we eat & drink.


22 thoughts on “Yogurt: More Than Just Bacteria Poop | FoodStuff

  1. this just convinced me to never buy store bought yogurt again. jesus h. i'm buying a yogurt maker. this looks so disgusting, and the fat man selling it is incredibly unhealthy, so his injunction to eat a lot of yogurt is not convincing. ew.

  2. Hi sorry that I already sent this idea to STDWYTK on Facebook
    , but I ran across a history of sorts of Crisco. Real or fake, was Crisco invented at first for a lubricant for diesel engines in Nazi submarines, and later sold to Procter and Gamble? From warfare to post war fried chicken?

  3. Very cool, and funny. Now get the boys from Stuff They Don't Want You To Know off of Facebook exclusively and back on You Tube! It's where all my fave subscriptions are. And where's Holly? Hopefully getting the scoop at Comic Con, and posting on You Tube soon.

  4. Great till your brought the gender satire into it, then you ruined it with left wing regressive horse shit

  5. As someone that has grown up in Bulgaria.. you guys and your yogurt craze are really cute. eyeroll

  6. You guys had my interest with this episode……right up until the point you guys felt the need to drag identity politics into the subject. I'm sorry guys but it felt completely forced, the very fact that you had to use such a ham fist-ed non sequitur to even wedge it into the subject should have been your 1st clue that it was a bad idea.

  7. Also, dairy is just flat out unhealthy. Again, truly surprised with the lack of scientific inquiry here.

  8. Surprised they aren't promoting veganism yet. For a channel that has talked about climate change, promoting unsustainable (not to mention unethical) dairy production is just sad.

  9. You guys forgot to show the farms where the milk comes from, and all the suffering that happens with the cows.

    Especially the force impregnating and removal of the male calf that goes into the veal industry.

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